domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

John Lennon airport

Did you know that the name of the Liverpool airport is John Lennon? Its exact name is the ¨John Lennon Liverpool airport¨ and under its name you can read ¨Above us only sky¨ which is a part of Lennon`s song ¨Imagine¨, don´t you think it is a good slogan for an airport?

Peace songs

On Peace Day people think about friendship, love, peace, harmony... one of the songs that is usually played on this day is ¨Imagine¨ by one of  the famous  Beatles, John Lennon. It`s worth (merece la pena) learning the song and it`s easy to learn the lyrics. It says, for example:  ¨Imagine all the people living life in peace...¨
Can you imagine...?

Peace Day

We usually celebrate the international Peace Day at the end of January so we are about to celebrate it at school, but did you know that the international Peace Day is really on 21st September?